Software Developers

  • In this highly competitive market RealInstaller offers our clients a powerful solution for distributing their applications.

  • If you are a company looking to reach massive quality audiences, look no further.We can offer exposure for your products and services within any country on the globe, Send us a detailed email about your product to see how we can help.

  • During the application download and installation process RealInstaller offers the user other recommended applications. If the user accepts a recommended application, the download is initiated and you only pay for each successful installation.

  • Our Install Services Include
  • Post install conversion tracking

  • High quality publishers

  • Global install coverage

  • Non-incentivized installs

  • Segmentation

    You can decide in which countries your application will be offered and only to those users who haven't already installed it previously.


    Our team will assist you in creating your recommendation screen in order to get the best possible conversion rate.


    You only pay for each successful installation. This is a highly effective formula for getting your ROI.


    Because millions of users install our advertisers' applications each month.